First Lab Meeting

Saturday, Sept 22 2007.

Today I  attend my first network lab meeting at  EE-203 room.
There are more than 20 students join network research lab, EE-603-2 room.
The main research in this lab are WIMAX and Wireless Network Sensor , my friend jake told me.
My advissor is Professor Bih-Hwang Lee, He is Director Computer Center NTUST. so … he must be a very busy man 🙂 .

My lab location is at floor 6 Building of Electrical Engineering Departement.
all of my comrade are local student (Taiwan people), only me is foreign student.
wow…I have to study mandarin language to talk them easily 🙂 , but they are all nice friend, friendly, helpful.
I  think I can enjoy in this lab.

I difficulty to call their chinese name, but most of them have english name such as Edian, Jake, Andy, Eric, Charles, Edward, Lilian, etc…

my  friends gave me chinese name ‘Wu He Lun’ from my indonesia name ‘udin harun’.
I don’t know what is the meaning yet 🙂 .

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