Computer Networks Syllabus


CS 5008701 Computer Networks
Semester : Fall 2007
Instructor : Prof. Ge-Ming Chiu
Office : T4-513
Phone : (02) 2737-6701 (office)
Office Hours : M. Th. 3:30-4:20 pm, and by appointment.
Email :

Course Description
As computer network become prevalent “tools” in our daily life, knowledge about the components of computer networks, how they are organized, and how they function and interact to provide services for end users are essential for compuagrter
engineering majors. In this course we provide an introductory coverage of a vast spectrum of computer networking technologies. Specifically, CS5009701 focuses on the operation and design of communication protocols used in different layers
of both wide-area and local-are computer networks. Some selected research topics
will also be covered. Inaddition, the course includes a number of programming assignment, in which students will use exixting UNIX or Windows facilities,
such as TCP/IP protocol suite, for implementation.

Topics Covered (tentative)

  • Introduction (network components, architechtures, protocol layering) —
    3 hours
  • Application Layer (Web, FTP, email, P2P fie sharing) — 4 hours
  • Transport Layer (services, TCP, UDP, congestion control, socket programming)
    — 9 hours
  • Network Layer (Routing algoriths, virtual circuit vs datagram, IPv4,IPv6,
    multicast/broadcast) — 10 hours
  • Link layer and Local Area Networks (framing, multiple access protocols,
    addressnig, switches) — 8 hours
  • Wireless and Mobile Netwroks (wireless access, WLAN, mobility management,
    mobile IP) — 7 hours

Textbooks and Additional References

Required textbook :

J.F.Kurose and K.W.Ross, Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach
Featuring the internet, 3rd Edition, Addison Wesley,2005.

Additional References :

A.S. Tanenbaum. Computer Networks, th Ediiton, Perason Education, 2003.

W.R Stevens, B.Fenner and A. Rudolff. Unix Network Programming : Volume 1: Networking
API, 3rd Edition,Addison-Wesley, 2003.

Selected Paper Research


Most class related announcements will be pested on he blackboard system or
communicated through e-mail.


30% – Midterm Exam

35% – Final Exam

35% – Written homework assignments and programming assignments.

The weighting distribution is approximate and may vary by up to 5%. Unexecused
at late homework or programming assignment will be penalized 5% per day.

Guest Lecturer may be invited to deliver talks on selected topics during the

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