UMDS and DESUMA Software

UMDES-LIB is a library of C routines written for the study of discrete event systems modeled by finite-state machines (FSM’s). There are routines for the manipulation of FSM’s, routines that implement many of the operations of supervisory control theory, and routines that implement the methodology developed at University of Michigan for failure diagnosis of discrete event systems. The book “Introduction to Discrete Event Systems” by Christos G. Cassandras and Stéphane Lafortune may be consulted for an introduction to modeling of discrete event systems by FSM’s (or finite-state automata), manipulation of FSM models, and the theory of supervisory control of discrete event systems.

DESUMA is an integration of the UMDES library with the graphical environment for visualizing discrete event systems, called GIDDES (written in Java), developed at Mount Allison University. DESUMA allows the user to perform a variety of manipulations of discrete event systems modeled by FSM’s related to model-building, fault diagnosis, verification, control under full and partial observation, and decentralized control.

Example Result :
Paralel Composition of two philosophers and two forks.


Tutorial :

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