Mac Sublayer Specification

MAC Sublayer Specification :
Tha MAC sublayer is responsible for the following tasks :
– Generating network beacons if the device as a coordinator.
– Synchronizing to the beacons.
– Supporting PAN association and disassociation.
– Supporting device security
– Employing the CSMA/CA mechanism for channel access
– Handling and maintaining the GTS mechanism.
– Providing a reliable link between two peer MAC entities.

The MAC sublayer provides an interface between the SCC and the PHY. The MAC sublayer conceptually includes a management entity called the MLME (MAC sublayer management entity). This entity provides the service interface
through which layer management functions may be invoked. The MLME is also responsible for maintaining a database of
managed objects pertaining to the MAC sublayer. This database is referred to as the MAC sublayer PIB.

MAC sublayer provides two serviced, accessed through toe SAPs (service access point) :
– The MAC data service, accessed through the MAC common part sublayer (MCPS) data SAP (MCPS-SAP).
– The MAC management service, accessed through the MLME-SAP.

Reference :
IEEE Standard for Information technology, Specifications for WPANs 802.15.4

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