Sensor Networks : An Overview

Advances in hardware and wireless network technologies have created low-cost,low power, multifunctional miniature sensor devices. These device s make up hundreds or thousands of ad hoc tiny sensor nodes spread across a geographical area. These sensor nodes collaborate among themselves to establish a sensing network. A sensor network that can provide access information anytime, anywhere by collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating data.

The architecture of the sensor node’s hardware consists of five components : sensing hardware, processor, memory, power suply and transceiver. Each sensor node has wireless communication capability and sufficient intelligence for signal processing and for disseminating the data.

Examples of possible applications :
a. Sensors are deployed to analyze remote locations (i.e, fire detection in a forest)
b. Wireless parking lot sensor networks that determine which spots are occupied and which spot are free
c. Wireless surveillance sensor networks for providing security in a shopping mall, parking garage.
d. Military sensor networks to detect, locate or track enemy movement

Some of the sensor network challanges are hardware design, communication protocols, extending lifetime of the sensor network and building an intelligent data collecting,etc.

this paper also provide the tactical military network architecture. the architecture consists of group of units clusters managed by commanders (parent nodes). These commanders receive orders from headquarters (i.e, sink node) and, in return, send back their report.
We can also find explanation of data-centric versus address-centric, aggregation, and dissemination. Some problems of dissemination are shortest path for routing protocol and redundancy, it means a sensor may receive the same data packet more than one.

Let see the original paper for detail 🙂


Sensor Networks : An Overview
Malik Tubaishat and Sanjay Madria

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