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Crossbow Imote2 is the next generation hardware platform for wireless sensor network research and development. The Crossbow Imote2 enables a new level of processing performance for wireless sensor networks and is a commercial release of the Intel Mote 2 design licensed from Intel Corporation.

Next generation modules for the wireless sensor market like the Imote2 will be especially important for applications where a high performance sensor node must be combined with low-power operation and a low duty cycle to achieve long life. One example of such an application in manufacturing is machine condition monitoring. A product like the Imote2 could perform complete machine analytics by itself, while using its wireless sensor network strictly for reporting the results of its analysis.

Imote2.BuilderKit is designed to be a complete development environment for high performance wireless sensor networking (WSN) applications leveraging the Microsoft .NET Framework. Code on the “Mote tier” uses the .NET Micro Framework. The Imote2.Builder Kit provides the tools to simplify development and deployment of highly customized distributed sensory systems. It also makes it easy to connect to a base station mote, and capture the resultant data and sensor readings.

Imote2 Processor Board
The Crossbow Imote2 is an advanced sensor network node platform designed for demanding wireless sensor network applications requiring high CPU/DSP and wireless link performance and reliability. The platform is built around Intel’s XScale® processor, PXA271. It integrates an 802.15.4 radio (TI CC2420) with an on-board antenna. It exposes a “basic sensor board” interface, consisting of two connectors on one side of the board, and an “advanced sensor board” interface, consisting of two high density connectors on the other side of the board. The Imote2 is a modular stackable platform and can be stacked with sensor boards to customize the system to a specific application, along with a “battery board” to supply power to the system.

Supported PC Platforms and Operating Systems
The Imote2.builder SDK is supported on the following platforms:
• Windows XP Home
• Window XP Professional
• Windows 2000 with SP4

Additional Software Requirements
For the development environment to run, the following additional components are required:
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Evaluation version included in kit)
• Microsoft .NET Micro 2.0

Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Imote2BuilderSetup_<version>.exe
All development using the Imote2.Builder Kit is done in C# and requires Visual Studio to be installed.

Application Quick Start – Motion Detection result

Currently, the Imote2 is supported by several operating systems including TinyOS 1.1, TinyOS 2.0, SOS and Linux.

Next Time : Try on Linux or Tiny OS.

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