MotePlot Imote2 for Wireless Sensor Networks

This procedure is the setup of network between one remote sensor node powered by battery and a base station connected to PC via USB. The remote nodes will run XAccel and be connected to the sensor board and battery board. The base station will run XSniffer firmware. The PC will run MotePlot to visualize the data from remote sensor node.

  1. Prepare 2 Imote2 boards (more Imote2 better), connect an ITS400 sensor board each to two of them.
  2. Connect first Imote2 with sensor board to the PC using the USB cable provided.
  3. Deploy the XAccel application in to the Imote2 using Visual Studio.
  4. Select Detach All, and disconnect the XAccel mote from the PC.
  5. Power the Imote2 with sensor board with the battery board.[Repeat steps 2-5 if you have more remote sensor nodes]
  6. Connect the remaining Imote2 board to the PC with the USB cable.
  7. Deploy XSniffer application onto the Imote2 using Visual Studio.
  8. Run MotePlot from windows Start > Programs > Crossbow > Imote2.Builder > Tools > MotePlot.
  9. Specify the connection to be USBSPOT and click on CONNECT.
  10. Select an axis to plot, and observe accelerometer data charting in real-time.

Result in XSniffer GUI

Result in SerialDump

Next : How to capture the data to database ? Visualize the data from database ? Try using TinyOS ?
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References :

Imote2 Jutsu

April 29, 2008
Taipei City
High Speed Network Lab

Udin Harun

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