MoteLab-A Wireless Sensor Network Testbed

Wireless sensor networks have emerged as a exciting new area of research. Manually programming nodes, deploying them into the physical environment, and instrumenting them for data gathering is tedious and time-consuming.
To address these needs, the authors developed MoteLab, a web-based sensor network testbed. MoteLab consists of a set permanently-deployed sensor network nodes connected to a central server which handles reprogramming and data logging while providing a web interface for creating and scheduling jobs on the testbed.

MoteLab has been deployed on a network of 30 Ethernet-connected MicaZ “motes” distributed over three floors at Harvard University. MoteLab provides facilitates testbed scheduling, node programming, data logging, and data administrative functions such as adjusting user quotas.

A related project with MoteLab are EmStart, EmTOS, SCALE, kansei and mirage.

Technical Details :
The main components of MoteLab are :

  • MySQL Database Backend : Store data collected during experiments, information used to generate web content.
  • Web Interface : PHP-generated pages present a user interface for job creation, scheduling, and data collection.
  • DBLOgger : Java data logger to collect and parse data generated by jobs running on the lab.
  • Job Daemon : Perl Script run as a cron job to setup and tear down jobs.

Figure – MoteLab Components

Reference :
MoteLab – A Wireless Sensor Network Testbed by Geoffrey Werner-Allen, Patric Swieskowsi, Matt Welsh – Harvard University – @2005 IEEE

Note : This resume is created for self-learning only. Author and Publisher hold copyrights

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June 26, 2008
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