Izzul n Hadziq

My first beloved son.

My second beloved son.

From hadziq2ndson

One Response to Izzul n Hadziq

  1. Mubashsharul Islam Shafique says:

    Dear Brother, Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. I was googling for some info on WSN and came to your site. I have an important presentation tomorrow, but am just moving around in your site!! Believe me, I think you are a good person and is gifted with good sense of Islam. I am just more than happy to see a young researcher with true love of Allah. May Allah help you to finish your PhD with some good publications and in shortest possible time. May Almighty give your family the right kind of sabr in your absense. From the core of my heart, I pray to Allah for your success.


    Reply from Udin Harun

    Waalaikumsalam Warohmatullohiwabarokatuh
    Dear brother Mubashsharul Islam Shafique, thank you very much. Jazakallah khoiron. May Allah SWT always bless you too 🙂
    I got your name from Acadia University Canada http://cs.acadiau.ca/~shussain/wsn/team.html
    May Allah give you success for study on WSN. You have a good team for learning WSN.

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