Guide to Wireless Mesh Networks

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Wireless communication technologies continue to undergo rapid advancement. The attractiveness of Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN)s, in general, can be attributed to their characteristics: the ability to dynamically self-organize and self-configure, coupled with the ability to maintain mesh connectivity, leads in effect to low set-up/installation costs, simpler maintenance tasks, and service coverage with high reliability and fault-tolerance. As a result, WMNs have found many useful applications in a broad range of domains.

WMNs represent a key technology for future generation wireless networks, and this broad-ranging and comprehensive guidebook presents new ideas and results from research to address the challenges ahead. This unique resource describes all the fundamental key topics and covers both the important core and specialized issues in the field. Each chapter is written by topical area experts, with the first chapters devoted to the basics of WMNs and subsequent ones dealing with some of the more specialist topics, such as the WiMAX metro area mesh networks and the symbiosis of cognitive radio with WMNs.

1 – Journey from Mobile Ad Hoc Networks to Wireless Mesh Networks
2 – Medium Access Control in Wireless Mesh Networks
3 – Hierarchical and QoS-Aware Routing in Multihop Wireless Mesh Networks
4 – Stabilizing Interference-Free Slot Assignment for Wireless Mesh Networks
5 – Channel Assignment Techniques for 802.11-Based Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks
6 – Routing, Interface Assignment and Related Cross-layer Issues in Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks
7 – Wireless Mesh Network Routing Under Uncertain Demands
8 – Routing Metrics for Wireless Mesh Networks
9 – Reliable Transport in Multihop Wireless Mesh Networks
10 – Transport Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks
11 – Congestion Control in Wireless Mesh Networks
12 – Wireless Mesh Networks-Based Multinetwork Convergence and Security Access
13 – Scalability in Wireless Mesh Networks
14 – Mobility Management in Wireless Mesh Networks
15 – Low Latency in Wireless Mesh Networks
16 – WiMAX Metro Area Mesh Networks: Technologies and Challenges
17 – Scheduling and Call Admission Control A WiMax Mesh Networks View
18 – The Symbiosis of Cognitive Radio and Wireless Mesh Networks
19 – Construction and Evaluation of a Wireless Mesh Network Testbed

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