Mastering Your PhD

Mastering Your PhD – Survival and Success in the Doctoral Years and Beyond
Patricia Gosling and Lambertus D. Noordam


  1. Choosing a Research Group: Pluses and Pitfalls
  2. Getting Started
  3. Setting Goals and Objectives
  4. How to Think Like a Scientist
  5. Designing Good Experiments
  6. Charting Your Progress Month by Month
  7. Dealing with Setbacks
  8. Mentors, Leadership, and Community
  9. How to Get Along with Your Lab Mates, et al.
  10. Group Dynamics: Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
  11. The Art of Good Communication
  12. Mastering Presentations and Group Meetings
  13. Searching the Scientific Literature
  14. Your First International Conference
  15. From Data to Manuscript: Writing
  16. Scientific Papers That Shine
  17. Celebrate Your Success
  18. How to Make the Best of Your Annual Evaluation
  19. The Final Year: Countdown to Your Thesis Defence
  20. Writing Your Doctoral Thesis with Style
  21. The Final Act: Defending Your Thesis with Panache
  22. Putting It All Together: A PhD…So What’s Next?
  23. Is Industry Right for You?
  24. Opportunities to Explore
  25. Exploring Not-for-Profit Organizations
  26. Lessons Learned

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