The 7 Laws of the Teacher

June 14, 2011

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The 7 Laws of the Teacher

  1. The Law of the Teacher: Teachers are the ones who never stop learning and advance themselves.
  2. The Law of Education: Real teaching doesn’t merely disseminate knowledge but motivate students to learn.
  3. The Law of Activity: After motivation, it is more important to activate people, and further exhibit what they learn through practice.
  4. The Law of Communication: Teachers need to induce students in a bridging way with which they are familiar.
  5. The Law of the Heart: Teachers need to touch students’ hearts with true hearts, and further trigger their passions.
  6. The Law of Encouragement: Give credit to students’ advancement with encouragement; make students’ advancement flame go on and on.
  7. The Law of Readiness: Open your heart, and prepare yourself to take every diverse class.

Tips on Teacher-Student Communication
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