No one is God except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

Islamic resources  🙂 :

  1. Islamic Belief (Aqidah): (in English language)
  2. Islamic Lectures (in English) : beliefs, fiqh, prayer, seerah, family, etc.
  3. Alquran Online :
    – The Quranic Arabic Corpus :
    – Download Alquran (mp3) :
    – Upquran:
    – Quran Explorer:
  4. SeekersHub – The Shining Light:
  5. Majelis Rasulullah : Nasihat mencintai Allah SWT, Nabi Muhammad SAW, Aqidah.
  6. Hadist Online :
    – Shohih Al Bukhari, Shohih Muslim, Muwatta Malik, Riyadhus Sholihin,dll:
  7. Fatwa :
    – MUI : Bidang Aqidah dan Aliran Keagamaan
    – MUI: Fatwa DSN MUI
  8. ddad

* If you know a good islamic resources specially about belief and fiqh, please let me know 🙂
* May Allah SWT always increase our knowledge about Islam 🙂

One Response to Islamic

  1. yaseen saleem yaseen says:

    Hello, Iam very happy when enter to this web site, and that belong to two things first your Islam, your love for Alla SWT and Muhammed SAW and the other thing is your attention in ns-2 and awk script becuase that my work.
    Iam muslum from Iraq, Master student in computer science.
    I hope to be chating with you.
    thank an advance.

    Udin Harun Reply:
    Thank you Brother yaseen. May Allah SWT make it easy for you to study, study about deen Islam and computer science :).

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