Queueing Theory Syllabus

Instructor : Shun-Ping Chung

Text Book :
Fundamental of Queueing Theory
Third Edition
Donald Gross, Carl M. Harris

Content :

  1. Introduction
    – Characteristics of Queueing Process
    – Poisson Process and the Exponential Distribution
    – Markovian Property of the Exponential Distribution
    – Stochastic Proceeses and Markov Chains.
  2. Simple Markovian Birth-Death Queueing Models
    – Birth-Death processes
    – Steady-State soluion
    – A/B/C/D/E
  3. Advance Markovian Models
    – Bulk arrivas and services
    – Erlang Arrivals and Services
    – Prioity Queues
  4. Queueing Networks
    – Series Queues
    – Jackson Networks
    – Cyclic Queues
  5. Models with General Arrivals or Service Patterns
    – General Arrivals
    – General Services

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