Install TinyOS 2x on Ubuntu

  1. add tinyos repository at /etc/apt/source.list :
    deb feisty main
  2. Update repository cache
    sudo apt-get update
  3. Install packets
    sudo apt-get install tinyos tinyos-avr tinyos-msp430 nesc tinyos-tools
  4. Uninstall braille driver if you are using telos motes.
    sudo apt-get remove brltty
  5. Install Java on Ubuntu :
  6. Configure environment :
    export TOSROOT=/opt/tinyos-2.x
    export TOSDIR=$TOSROOT/tos
    export CLASSPATH=$TOSROOT/support/sdk/java/tinyos.jar:.
    export MAKERULES=$TOSROOT/support/make/Makerules
    export PATH=/opt/msp430/bin:$PATH

    In addition to the above environment variables, do the following on Linux machines:

    1. Change the ownership on your /opt/tinyos-2.x files: chown -R <your uid> /opt/tinyos-2.x
    2. Change the permissions on any serial (/dev/ttyS<N>), usb (/dev/tts/usb<N>, /dev/ttyUSB<N>), or parallel (/dev/parport) devices you are going to use: chmod 666 /dev/<devicename>

  7. Install Graph Drawing Tools
    apt-get install graphviz
  8. Compiling and Installing
    $ tos-check-env
    $ configure

    • if need tcl and otcl argument, fix it : $ configure –with-tcl=/yourpath/tclxxx/ –with-otcl=/yourpath/otcl-xxx/

    $ make
    $ make install

  9. Check MAKERULES environment
    $ printenv MAKERULES

    • It should appear : /opt/tinyos-2.x/support/make/Makerules
    • If doesn't appear, set MAKERULES : $ export MAKERULES=/opt/tinyos-2.x/support/make/Makerules

Next : Install Imote2 on TinyOS-2x


Hancurkan Kemalasan – Hancurkan Kebodohan

April 30, 2008
Taipei City
High Speed Network Lab

Udin Harun

8 Responses to Install TinyOS 2x on Ubuntu

  1. Harshana says:

    under section 8, the command “configure” does not work. It gives the error “bash: configure: command not found” . I tried running “sudo apt-get install build-essential” as well. But still does not work. Any help appreciated.


    Udin Harun Said :

    It should be work.
    Read this document carefully –
    I think you need to move to ‘tinyos-2.x/tools/tinyos’ directory, after that do ‘configure’ command.
    If still not success, try several times 🙂
    I try several times untill success 🙂
    Good Luck

  2. Janaka Prabhash says:

    Thanks a lot. Great help.
    Can you please specify what this line stands for.
    export PATH=/opt/msp430/bin:$PATH

  3. Hey Prabash

    That line means that your adding the /opt/msp430/bin directory to your environment variable PATH. Its just like adding the java directory to the PATH variable in Windows…..

  4. janaka prabhash says:

    OK, I got it. it’s for setting path for msp430 chip based boards

  5. Ekawahyu Susilo says:

    I got problem using the repository under Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Since it only acquires binary-lpia (Low Power Intel Arch) instead of binary-i386. The repository doesn’t have binary-lpia. Any tips on how to use i386 repository for lpia Ubuntu?

  6. jkampouraki says:

    Hello, I used your instructions to install tinyos in Ubuntu 8.10 but i have problems with the installation. I am very new in Linux so my knowledge is extremely limited. However i managed to follow your instructions but when i run tos-check-env i get

    “tos-check-env completed with errors:

    –> WARNING: The JAVA version found first by tos-check-env may not be version 1.4 or version 1.5one of which is required by TOS. Please ensure that the located Java version is 1.4 or 1.5
    –> WARNING: The graphviz (dot) version found by tos-check-env is not 1.10. Please update your graphviz version if you’d like to use the nescdoc documentation generator.”

    Can someone tell me what is possibly wrong? Thanks in advance!

  7. JohnyG says:

    I have the same issue.I cannot configure tinyos.There is no executable in the usr/bin/

    I can make the tos-check-env with the same warnings as above but i cannot configure.

    Anyone knows why?….

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